AwarenessIDEAS is exhibiting at the AEE Globalcon energy conference this Week in Philly. Visit us in booth #133

The AEE Globalcon 2010 energy conference is the placed to be if you’re looking for ways for your organization to stop energy waste and implement sustainability practices.

Energy managers from all over the world will be there.

We are presenting a fully integrated leak tag program.  It includes an entire process for encouraging your employees to participate in finding, tagging & fixing leaks. We’ll have ideas and products to help with goal setting, then various awareness methods to the information boards and leak tags themselves.  It also includes reminders, incentives and recognition ideas and products for those getting the job done.

If you can’t be there, visit our web site at… go to our leak tag link. You can give us a call at PH 800 875-1725

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Our leak tag information boards add importance and effectiveness to your leak tag program.

leak tag information board

2' x 2' leak tag information board with multiple inserts and tag holders

Your leak tag program will be more successful if your employees see it as critical and needing their involvement. Our very professional leak tag information boards look important and get your messages across. It also provides a location for your tags. You can buy just one. We can add your company name. They are available in different sizes.

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