Low cost way to reduce energy utility bills by stopping energy waste

A very low cost way to reduce utility bills is to ask your employees where they see waste and encourage them to keep their answers coming in. They’ll point out the big retrofits needed and they’ll point out all the little things that can be done.
While there at it, feeling involved, they’ll turn off equipment, shut doors and do a hundred other things they now feel involved in. Offer an inexpensive incentive like a t-shirt or mug and watch the process grow. Employee participation works and costs little.

Review our web site for ideas: www.awarenessIDEASD.com Better yet, give us a call 800 875-1725.

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2000 attendees at the AEE EMC energy conference learned many new ways to save energy

We met many new people in the northwest part of our country. We had a very successful 2 days of sharing ideas that create more employee participation in energy conservation initiatives.

We want to thank the major corporate attendees as well as many municipalities, schools systems, military folks and a vast variety of consultants and businesses in this industry for stopping by our booth and giving us some of their time.

Review our web site for many things you can be doing to stop energy waste. www.AwarenessIDEAS.com

Better yet, give us a call: 800 875-1725

Also see our other two related web sites dealing with marketing communications:

Review our 3 web sites for great products, most importantly call us for help in “developing ideas”

www.flexidisplay.com A complete resource for Flexible trade show displays & very unique signs
www.AwarenessIDEAS.com   Creative support for solutions in stopping environmental waste & focused marketing ideas

www.AwardsIDEAS.com We have a wide selection of beautiful unique awards and can create one of a kind custom awards. We take on every project personally.

We’re not just about products, we’re passionate about helping clients solve problems and reach objectives.

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What new energy awareness materials would you like to see us develop to help stop energy waste

For 40 years we have been the leader in developing effective employee, customer and community environmental awareness programs for organizations throughout the USA. That’s our history; today our future is all about continuing  the quality work we do by providing new ideas, new concepts that will help organizations encourage employee participation for their environmental initiatives into the future.

Our best work is ahead of us. Take a look at our web site.  www.awarenessIDEAS.com. See what we have that can work for you. When you have a need that we have not addressed, let us know and we’ll work on it.

Give us a call at 800 875-1725.

We’re easy to work with. Put us on your team.

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Our Energy Saving – Energy Tip Booklets are a great handout for your employees, customers and community.

energy tip booklet for employees
hand out our energy tip booklet with its many energy saving ideas

Our stock energy saving “Energy tip Booklet” is great as is or can be customized to meet your needs. Our 16 page booklet will be appreciated by your employees, customers or community. We can do everything from adding your company name & logo to making changes and additions to all the text.

We can turn these booklets around for you very quickly.
We’re here to answer any questions for you. Call 800 875-1725

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Dave Troesh author of 101 Ways to Save Energy in a grocery store gives many ways to stop energy waste

New book 101 ways to save energy
New book by Dave Troesh on 101 ways to save money and energy in a grocery store

I met Dave Troesh at an Association of Energy Engineers energy conference last year. He made a big impression on us and we made an impression on him. He was writing a book on his 30 year career in the Super Market business. Dave was responsible for hundreds of new and rebuilt stores and was instrumental in their energy management inititives.

He saw the many good ideas we had developed and wrote about them in his book: 101 Ways To Save Money and Energy In Your Grocery Store.
If you have energy management responsibilities or just want to stop energy waste, this is valuable reading.

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