I’m taking AwarenessIDEAS on the road to participate in JR Simplott’s energy conservation conference 10-4-2010

We have met several JR Simplott energy managers at AEE conferences; and a few facilities have purchased our energy awareness materials with great satisfaction. This has resulted in our being invited to introduce ourselves to 115 Simplott facility managers at their annual energy conference in Boise ID this coming week.

It’s a good opportunity and we will make the most of it by sharing our experiences in stopping energy waste and listening to their input on their efforts and needs.

We’ll let you know how it turn out.

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2000 attendees at the AEE EMC energy conference learned many new ways to save energy

We met many new people in the northwest part of our country. We had a very successful 2 days of sharing ideas that create more employee participation in energy conservation initiatives.

We want to thank the major corporate attendees as well as many municipalities, schools systems, military folks and a vast variety of consultants and businesses in this industry for stopping by our booth and giving us some of their time.

Review our web site for many things you can be doing to stop energy waste. www.AwarenessIDEAS.com

Better yet, give us a call: 800 875-1725

Also see our other two related web sites dealing with marketing communications:

Review our 3 web sites for great products, most importantly call us for help in “developing ideas”

www.flexidisplay.com A complete resource for Flexible trade show displays & very unique signs
www.AwarenessIDEAS.com   Creative support for solutions in stopping environmental waste & focused marketing ideas

www.AwardsIDEAS.com We have a wide selection of beautiful unique awards and can create one of a kind custom awards. We take on every project personally.

We’re not just about products, we’re passionate about helping clients solve problems and reach objectives.

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AwarenessIDEAS is exhibiting at the AEE Globalcon energy conference this Week in Philly. Visit us in booth #133

The AEE Globalcon 2010 energy conference is the placed to be if you’re looking for ways for your organization to stop energy waste and implement sustainability practices.

Energy managers from all over the world will be there.

We are presenting a fully integrated leak tag program.  It includes an entire process for encouraging your employees to participate in finding, tagging & fixing leaks. We’ll have ideas and products to help with goal setting, then various awareness methods to the information boards and leak tags themselves.  It also includes reminders, incentives and recognition ideas and products for those getting the job done.

If you can’t be there, visit our web site at www.awarenessIDEAS.com… go to our leak tag link. You can give us a call at PH 800 875-1725

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We’re looking forward to AEE Globalcon 2010 energy conference this month

If you’re an energy manager, you want to be at AEE Globalcon 2010 in Philadelphia 3- 24 & 25. Visit our exhibit booth, you’ll discover an excellent resource for employee and community environmental awareness.’

If you can’t go… visit our web site at www.awarenessIDEAS.com

40th anniversary of earthday at AEE

We're celebrating EarthDay 40 at AEE Globalcon 2010

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