Summer, fall, winter spring… every season brings businesses new energy conservation challenges

Summer: make sure your air conditioning system is working efficiently
( energy checklist )
Fall: get your heating units ready for winter
( energy saving environment )
Winter: don’t dress in t-shirts and want more heat
energy cost analysis )
Spring: plan for weatherizing your buildings and get it going
( energy saving ideas )

Anytime your thinking energy conservation… think about how you can enroll your employees into more participation.

Review our web site for ideas: Better yet, give us a call   800 875-1725.

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I’ll be speaking at AEE EMC energy conference 6-15-11

If you know people attending that show in Long Beach, CA this week, make sure they sit in my talk. I will be speaking on all the easy, fast activities that can be used to create awareness amongst a facility employees to remind them to stop energy waste.

I will be providing all attendees of the talk a free 24 page white paper on motivating people to get involved with company initiatives.

The talk will include many of the things we present and produce on our web site

Give us a call for more information 800 875-1725

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Leaders in environmental awareness products, displays and awards… the Flexi companies

What do the Flexi Companies do?  We motivate people with visual communications…to help meet your objectives.

We are a full service provider that specializes in providing creative marketing messages and materials for our client’s external and internal marketing projects (such as employee participation & performance initiatives).

Our creative design team partners with clients on their goals – from concept to completion – to create solutions that move people to actions that help achieve those goals.

We use our three websites to work towards a single goal: To motivate people to behaviors that make a difference.

We help organizations stop environmental waste, encourage work safety, improve quality process and market ideas effectively.  We do this by producing customized environmental awareness marketing and motivational products with awareness messages and reminders that people need to help reach the goals.  Products include: posters, decals, booklets, promotional products, displays, special visual effects, digital gif files, incentives, games, awards, and more.

We design and produce unique awards and incentives that encourage your people to participate in initiatives.  Recognition awards, combined with an enthusiastic awareness process, help to create focus and spirited efforts toward goals.  Award-supporting programs include an initial kickoff celebration, handouts and ongoing reminders of the goal.

We produce unique and informative lobby, conference room and trade show displays that are lightweight, modular, reconfigurable, and portable.  Our unique Flexi display system is manufactured in-house and can include integrated monitors, as well as 3-D graphics and backlit signage, both of which can be updated as needed.

At Flexi, we combine years of experience with enthusiasm, inquiring minds, and fresh ideas to ensure a message that will fit the personality of your organization and help you succeed in reaching larger goals.

We have been a key partner to: 40% of Fortune 100 companies; universities; manufacturers; K-12 schools; hospitals; hotels; the U.S. military (all branches); and government agencies ( local to federal).

Let us help you reach your goals.  Contact us to discuss your organization’s employee participation or marketing needs.

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Stopping energy waste is sometimes painfully slow

Progress is sometimes painfully slow in your efforts at stopping energy waste. What does create a quick return is making sure you have an employee participation program that gets them involved with day to day efforts at helping you find and fix all the existing easy to implement problems.

There are hundreds of energy wasters that are easy to deal with like leaks of all kinds, machines not being turned off when not in use, lights left on, doors not shut, seals needing repaired, filters not being changed, freezer temperatures not right, suggestions not being suggested and the list can go on and on.

Having an ongoing active, employee participation awareness program, will pay dividends over and over again by getting your people involved.

Your program should provide 1. Clarity of the problem and how everyone is affected, 2. Short and long term goals, 3. Suggestions on things to do, 4. A suggestion program directed at energy issues, 5. Charts to show progress, 6. Posters, banners, information reminders and handouts that all create reminders; and nudges your people toward the daily efforts needed, 7. Inexpensive rewards and incentive for reaching milestones and goals.

Call us for help in implementing a program and start getting results soon. 800 875-1725

Review our web site:

finger lenticular poster

We have many energy awareness products and ideas to choose from

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Your company needs to be on a mission to stop air leaks

be on a mission to stop air leaks

We offer many energy air leak posters

Turn your employees into your best defense against costly air leak.

Use our effective posters to present the problem and to show them how they can participate in stopping air & steam leaks.

Give us a call & we’ll help you put your leak tag program together. 800 875-1725

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