A client wants to get more facility employees to point out air leaks, how do you do that?

We recommended creating a ongoing process of awareness and reminders. We suggested they use a professional looking leak tag information board, specific air leak tags and a series of air leak posters and banners that would keep the need for locating and repairing air leeks on the minds of their employees.

The facilities energy manager especially liked using our animated monitor cartoons that spot lighted air leak concerns. She used them in hall monitors as well as e mail attachments when communicating with her employees.

This facility also chose to use some of our inexpensive  custom messaged flash lights and key chains as rewards for employees locating and tagging air leaks.

Take a look at this short video that presents a air leak awareness program.


Give us a call and ask us for help in developing a program that will work for you.  800 875-1725


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Watch for new videos dealing with new energy conservation awareness ideas

Three new videos are coming:

1   A video showing the complete leak tag program we offer.

2  A video presenting our 3-D motion posters dealing with energy conservation and recycling awareness.

3   A video showing off our eco friendly trade show and lobby display system.

Our web site www.awarenessIDEAS.com has thousands of effective employee awareness environmental  ideas and these 3 videos will help you experience our problem solving and creativity.

Give us a call to discuss any environmental marketing communication needs at    800 875-1725

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Your company needs to be on a mission to stop air leaks

be on a mission to stop air leaks

We offer many energy air leak posters

Turn your employees into your best defense against costly air leak.

Use our effective posters to present the problem and to show them how they can participate in stopping air & steam leaks.

Give us a call & we’ll help you put your leak tag program together. 800 875-1725


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Get your employees “Steamed UP” over air & steam leaks

man getting steamed up over air leaks

Your people need to get steamed up over air & steam leaks

Leaks… all kinds of them cost money, BIG MONEY.  Your people can help find them and turn them into maintenance for fixing. That is if you ask them to enough that they see the importance as an equal to all the other fires they’re putting out.

We can help. We have this and many other leak related posters that will act as constant reminders. We also have leak tag information boards, leak tags and other products to help you make stopping leaks a big issue in your facility.

Visit our web site and call us at 800 875-1725

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New air / steam leak poster that your employees need to see.

air & steam leak posters

See many new air & steam leak posters

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