Posters, Decals, Stickers, Can bring awareness to Sustainability Week

All over the country some businesses, colleges, and other institutions choose to implement a sustainability week in order to help raise awareness for a variety of Environmental Issues from such as energy and water conservation. Unfortunately many people are completely unaware that a  sustainability week exists. On top of that, many schools choose different times of the year to have a “sustainability week”.

Emily Cross of the Daily Illini wrote an eye opening article titled “Institutions need to play a more active role in Sustainability Efforts” . It details that institutions, such as universities and the media, are not making environmental issues a priority even though it is a topic that many people are concerned with.  In the article Cross asks the reader if anyone at the University was aware that October 26 was National Campus Sustainability Day. She then goes on to ask if students are even aware that next week the campus is having it’s own sustainability week. The lack of promotional material is a problem not only in Illinois, but throughout the nation.

Universities, Businesses, and anyone else has the opportunity to make a difference. Sustainability shouldn’t be celebrated for just one day(Earth Day) or week, although it is great to pay extra attention to these issues throughout the year. Posters, Decals, Stickers, and Fliers are just some things you can use to spread Awareness everyday. Awareness Ideas was founded on the belief that we can help others make a difference which allows us to play a small part in saving the environment. With people being busier than ever concerns such as the environment drop down the list of priorities at many businesses and schools even though the employees and students really do care about these issues.

Visit and let us create promotional materials on our time so you can do your part too!

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New Holiday Conservation Posters

We have something new this year- Holiday Themed Conservation Posters.

I’m working a several more in the next few days so there will be  a lot to choose from.
Decorate your office, factory, or school for the holidays with a message of conservation and eco-friendly tips.
Start a new holiday tradition!
Bright Holiday

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Earth Day Theme Products

Here are some giveaway ideas for Earth Day. The theme is carried over many products and can be added to many more. Get creative!  What other type of product could this theme go on?

Earth Day Poster

Earth Day Key Chain

Earth Day Sunglasses

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Energy Conservation…the Children are the Future…

Educate Yourself

In the 80’s, Whitney Houston had a number one hit with Greatest Love of All. The first lines of the song are:

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way

It’s a powerful song and a great reminder that the next generation will lead us in the future.  Giving them a education on environmental issues will make a difference in their lives…and ours.

Here’s a great way to start conveying the message about energy conservation – with an informational energy conservation poster.

This is a great poster for schools and can start deeper discussions.

The children are the future; let’s let them know what they can do!

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We have a toss game that is perfect for schools or business events.

school event toss game

we customize our 2' x 4' toss games. they come with sponge earth balls

Your school or business event will be more successful with our toss games for kids. Kids will love it. Toss our sponge earth balls through a hole and win a prize. These light weight reusable units are 2′ w x 4′ tall. Other sizes can be available. We can customize them to suit your needs.

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