I’ll be speaking at AEE EMC energy conference 6-15-11

If you know people attending that show in Long Beach, CA this week, make sure they sit in my talk. I will be speaking on all the easy, fast activities that can be used to create awareness amongst a facility employees to remind them to stop energy waste.

I will be providing all attendees of the talk a free 24 page white paper on motivating people to get involved with company initiatives.

The talk will include many of the things we present and produce on our web site www.awarenessIDEAS.com

Give us a call for more information 800 875-1725

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We’ll be exhibiting at AEE Gloibalcon 2011 3-30 in Philadelphia… be there

We’ll be exhibiting at Gloibalcon 2011 3-30 in Philadelphia. It’s a yearly Association of Energy Engineers energy conservation conference with many speakers and exhibitors.

It’s being held at the Philadelphia convention center March 30 & 31.

We will be presenting many awareness creating ideas that create reminders and motivation to stop energy waste.

Visit our web site today at www.AwarenessIDEAS.com

Give us a call at 800 875-1725

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AwarenessIDEAS was at another successful WEEC energy conference

A compliment to all AEE staff that put on another successful WEEC energy conference. The speakers were insightful, and as an exhibitor, I found the attendees as always, interested in our new products.

We were busy the entire show with attendess and exhibitors wanting to learn more about creating better energy conservation employee participation.

We got many comments on our wide variety of posters, decals, displays and our leak tag program. People liked our ability to offer eco friendly recognition awards.

To see more of what we offer, visit our web site at  www.awardsIDEAS.com

Call us to discuss your specific needs at  800 875-1725

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Energy management is an important component of quality process

Under the umbrella of Quality process, energy management is an important component. Energy management is one of the easiest components to get successful employee participation.

Very few people are anti environment, most are willing to participate. After tackling energy problems, the same people will feel their success and be ready for other activities. All these initiatives go better with the thoughtful implementation of employee awareness. Using inexpensive energy posters, banners, decals, booklets, displays, reminders of all kinds & some kind of a reward program, will keep people’s attention on the goal. These products become good educational components.

Get more creative input from our team on how to create that energy awareness.

Call us at 800 875-1725

review our web site at   www.awarenessIDEAS.com

If you’re going to the AEE WEEC energy conference in DC next month, visit our booth #744

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I’m taking AwarenessIDEAS on the road to participate in JR Simplott’s energy conservation conference 10-4-2010

We have met several JR Simplott energy managers at AEE conferences; and a few facilities have purchased our energy awareness materials with great satisfaction. This has resulted in our being invited to introduce ourselves to 115 Simplott facility managers at their annual energy conference in Boise ID this coming week.

It’s a good opportunity and we will make the most of it by sharing our experiences in stopping energy waste and listening to their input on their efforts and needs.

We’ll let you know how it turn out.

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