Posters, Decals, Stickers, Can bring awareness to Sustainability Week

All over the country some businesses, colleges, and other institutions choose to implement a sustainability week in order to help raise awareness for a variety of Environmental Issues from such as energy and water conservation. Unfortunately many people are completely unaware that a  sustainability week exists. On top of that, many schools choose different times of the year to have a “sustainability week”.

Emily Cross of the Daily Illini wrote an eye opening article titled “Institutions need to play a more active role in Sustainability Efforts” . It details that institutions, such as universities and the media, are not making environmental issues a priority even though it is a topic that many people are concerned with.  In the article Cross asks the reader if anyone at the University was aware that October 26 was National Campus Sustainability Day. She then goes on to ask if students are even aware that next week the campus is having it’s own sustainability week. The lack of promotional material is a problem not only in Illinois, but throughout the nation.

Universities, Businesses, and anyone else has the opportunity to make a difference. Sustainability shouldn’t be celebrated for just one day(Earth Day) or week, although it is great to pay extra attention to these issues throughout the year. Posters, Decals, Stickers, and Fliers are just some things you can use to spread Awareness everyday. Awareness Ideas was founded on the belief that we can help others make a difference which allows us to play a small part in saving the environment. With people being busier than ever concerns such as the environment drop down the list of priorities at many businesses and schools even though the employees and students really do care about these issues.

Visit and let us create promotional materials on our time so you can do your part too!

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It’s Not Too Late to Purchase Energy Month Marketing Materials

Organizations promote energy month activities during the full month of October. We have time to make up and ship many of our energy conservation awareness products. If you need Posters, Decals, Giveaways, Handouts, Promotional products, Displays or Awards, we can help you with the right ideas and provide the products when you need them.

Review Call 800 875-1725

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Energy Month starts in three weeks and we’re going gang busters with energy marketing ideas and Give aways

A BIG thank you to so many of our clients who have already ordered their Energy Month marketing products.
There is time for us to produce most of the products on our web site with or without your personalization.
We also still have the time to create a brand new idea for you that meets your specific needs.
Review our web site for the thousands of ideas available to
Get to know us, our reputation is that we make it very easy for you to get, just what you want.

We provide Energy Month posters, decals, handouts, banners, displays, awards…. we can do it all for you.

Organizations generally have to work with several companies to do all that we do. We coordinate everything, your time is well spent and you always get a quality product.

Also review and

Marvin and the Energy TEAM

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We’re adding a prize wheel to our WEEC Energy conference presentation.

We have a great employee participation energy management program that we’re presenting to the energy managers at this years WEEC energy conference. To make sure we gain as much attention as possible we have designed a way to incorporate a prize wheelgame board right within our Flexi display panel system we manufacture.

Stopping energy waste is no game but if you make it fun for people, they will participate even more in your energy initiatives.

Our eco friendly Flexi trade show display is also made of recyclable materials. We have been manufacturing this display for over twenty years  and have clients all over the world. Users of our display they have told us many times, there is no better display…. anywhere.

Ask us about it. Call 800 875-1725  See the display at its own web site:

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Earth day is a perfect event to kick off a energy conservation campaign in your facility

How will your organization be involved with earth day? Earth day is a perfect event to kick off an energy conservation campaign in your facility.  We help energy facility managers implement year long activities that each in there own way keeps stopping energy waste on the mind of their employees.

We have  energy awareness posters for specific problems, energy suggestion program contests, energy tip booklets, energy awareness displays, products for energy events, and much more that can be purchased as planned for during the year.  Our energy consultants have years of experience working with all kinds of organizations like: Industrial facilities, k-12, Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Multi family residences, Government buildings, Military facilities and Commercial buildings.

Review our web site at

Better yet, give us a call at 800 875-1725

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