Low cost way to reduce energy utility bills by stopping energy waste

A very low cost way to reduce utility bills is to ask your employees where they see waste and encourage them to keep their answers coming in. They’ll point out the big retrofits needed and they’ll point out all the little things that can be done.
While there at it, feeling involved, they’ll turn off equipment, shut doors and do a hundred other things they now feel involved in. Offer an inexpensive incentive like a t-shirt or mug and watch the process grow. Employee participation works and costs little.

Review our web site for ideas: www.awarenessIDEASD.com Better yet, give us a call 800 875-1725.

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AwarenessIdeas.com Monthly Ideas & Inspirations

We’re always coming up with new ideas! I guess that’s why we’re called AwarenessIDEAS. Once a month I create a “newsletter” for our company’s 3 divisions: AwarenessIDEAS.com, AwardsIDEAS.com and FLEXi Display Marketing (flexidisplay.com). “Newsletter” is in quotes because it is more of a collection of creative ideas, designs and images to inspire  readers.  There are ideas to help with your efforts in employee awareness, environmental awareness, recognition programs and displays.

The theme for March is Earth Day 2010.  We’ve added many new designs, products and great ideas for Earth Day. It’s only a month away, so now is a good time to start thinking of ways to celebrate and make a difference.

Below is a sample of what you’ll see in the March email. If you’d like to receive our email, we’d love to inspire you.  Click here to sign up.

Earth Day 40th Anniversary 2010

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We have a great selection of eco-friendly awards for your awards ceremony

eco friendly bamboo awards

We have many eco friendly awards including those made with bamboo

We have many beautiful styles of eco friendly awards made of many materials. See our bamboo awards. Our specialty is to create your award so it looks unique and distinctive.

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Promote energy awareness and your goal of stopping energy waste with our soccer t-shirts

Energy conservation t-shirts

We have many energy conservation t-shirts

Your organization or school can create much energy conservation awareness with good quality t-shirts. We have many to choose from and we can design new ones to suit your needs. See our energy conservation t-shirts here.

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Create more employee participation in your energy conservation program with this LED flashlight.

Employees are motivated when given a goal and then rewarded for that achievement with an Award. Awards don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

This LED flashlight will get their attention and get used for an extended time.

energy conservation LED flashlight

See our energy conservation LED flashlight

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