A client wants to get more facility employees to point out air leaks, how do you do that?

We recommended creating a ongoing process of awareness and reminders. We suggested they use a professional looking leak tag information board, specific air leak tags and a series of air leak posters and banners that would keep the need for locating and repairing air leeks on the minds of their employees.

The facilities energy manager especially liked using our animated monitor cartoons that spot lighted air leak concerns. She used them in hall monitors as well as e mail attachments when communicating with her employees.

This facility also chose to use some of our inexpensive  custom messaged flash lights and key chains as rewards for employees locating and tagging air leaks.

Take a look at this short video that presents a air leak awareness program.


Give us a call and ask us for help in developing a program that will work for you.  800 875-1725


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USAF energy managers going to ESOH conference next week, visit booth 704

We will be exhibiting our increasing variety of environmental and energy saving, employee awareness marketing  ideas at the USAF ESOH conference next week: 2-12,13 &14th in Denver Colorado.

Visit our booth #704. Try spinning our prize wheel for goals to have at the conference.

Review our web site before the conference & be ready to ask us questions dealing with motivating people to participate in energy conservation initiatives.  www.awarenessIDEAS.com

Call us with any questions   800 875-1725




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View our new Flexi trade show display video which demonstrates its kiosk capabilities

We have a new Flexi display video that demonstrates how our Flexi panel display system can be reconfigured to be an exciting kiosk or tower at your next trade show or event.

Our Flexi panels are light weight and can include:
LCD TV monitors, embedded prize wheels, 3d multi level signs, back lit signs, and appropriate shelving.

Why settle for a lesser display when a Flexi display will get you more attention, help you create more interest and provide you with a bigger opportunity for success.

click here to see the video>>  http://www.flexidisplay.com/Flexi-Video-a/440.htm

Call us with any questions.   800 875-1725

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AwarenessIDEAS goes to many energy conservation trade show events.

My main interest in going to an end customer energy conservation oriented trade show is to present our broad line of employee awareness marketing materials that have been a big success for 35 years. Of course I use my Flexi display system which I also am the manufacture of.

I am up front all the time with a big smile and a hello to everyone that comes by. Between my display presenting the specific value benefit words that we can mean to a customer, presented in an impactful way; I also take personal responsibility in asking good probing questions and creating a credible presence for our company.

I always get new environmental related HOT leads and I always sell a display or two to people who ask about its origin.Being enthusiastic about the benefits of your product or service is everything in trade show marketing.

Visit www.awarenesIDEAS.com to see our environmental awareness product line

See Flexi display for our portable trade show display which include LCD TV monitors, 3-D multi level signs, back lighting, embedded prize wheels, and rotating signs.

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We’re exhibiting at USAF ESOH conference in Denver next month

Once again we’re exhibiting our energy conservation awareness marketing materials at this years AF ESOH conference 2-12 through 2-14 in Denver CO.

We invite all Air Force energy & environmental managers to stop by our booth and say hello. Take a look at what we have to offer that will help you gain the attention and interest of your facility personnel to help you accomplish your environmental goals.

Contact us to find out our booth number or just ask for us at the conference.

Also, take a look at the trade show display we’ll be using and how effective it is. We manufacture this display and people love to own and use it.
It can include TV monitors, 3-d multi level back lit signs, prize wheels and moving displays. Frankly, it’s the best display out there.

Review our web sites:   www.awarenessIDEAS.com  &  www.flexidisplay.com

Give us a call, we’ll brainstorm with you ideas that will move your initiative forward.


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