Posters, Decals, Stickers, Can bring awareness to Sustainability Week

All over the country some businesses, colleges, and other institutions choose to implement a sustainability week in order to help raise awareness for a variety of Environmental Issues from such as energy and water conservation. Unfortunately many people are completely unaware that a  sustainability week exists. On top of that, many schools choose different times of the year to have a “sustainability week”.

Emily Cross of the Daily Illini wrote an eye opening article titled “Institutions need to play a more active role in Sustainability Efforts” . It details that institutions, such as universities and the media, are not making environmental issues a priority even though it is a topic that many people are concerned with.  In the article Cross asks the reader if anyone at the University was aware that October 26 was National Campus Sustainability Day. She then goes on to ask if students are even aware that next week the campus is having it’s own sustainability week. The lack of promotional material is a problem not only in Illinois, but throughout the nation.

Universities, Businesses, and anyone else has the opportunity to make a difference. Sustainability shouldn’t be celebrated for just one day(Earth Day) or week, although it is great to pay extra attention to these issues throughout the year. Posters, Decals, Stickers, and Fliers are just some things you can use to spread Awareness everyday. Awareness Ideas was founded on the belief that we can help others make a difference which allows us to play a small part in saving the environment. With people being busier than ever concerns such as the environment drop down the list of priorities at many businesses and schools even though the employees and students really do care about these issues.

Visit and let us create promotional materials on our time so you can do your part too!

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Your company needs to be on a mission to stop air leaks

be on a mission to stop air leaks

We offer many energy air leak posters

Turn your employees into your best defense against costly air leak.

Use our effective posters to present the problem and to show them how they can participate in stopping air & steam leaks.

Give us a call & we’ll help you put your leak tag program together. 800 875-1725

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Butterflies are free, energy isn’t free. Enjoy more of the good life by stopping waste

Butterflies are free, energy isn't

This t-shirt get's the attention of energy champions

Everyone loves butterflies and our t-shirt: Butterflies are free, energy isn’t free is a big winner with environmental enthusiasts.  This t-shirt makes a great incentive for your business team or a community event gift.

We have other styles of wearables available or you can put this image on a mug, mouse pad or other practical gift. See

Call us for personal service, we will help make your event a big success. 800 875-1725

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Our Earth Day logo has been a big success

new earth day logo

we have many products with Earth day logo

We’re proud that so many organizations are commemorating Earth Day with our new earth day logo.

For 40 years we have been creating messages and images that have worked to help organizations create more awareness with their employee base and community. If your organization needs an assist in  stopping energy waste within your organization, we can help.

Call 800 875-1725 and get to know us.

Review our web site:

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What new energy awareness materials would you like to see us develop to help stop energy waste

For 40 years we have been the leader in developing effective employee, customer and community environmental awareness programs for organizations throughout the USA. That’s our history; today our future is all about continuing  the quality work we do by providing new ideas, new concepts that will help organizations encourage employee participation for their environmental initiatives into the future.

Our best work is ahead of us. Take a look at our web site. See what we have that can work for you. When you have a need that we have not addressed, let us know and we’ll work on it.

Give us a call at 800 875-1725.

We’re easy to work with. Put us on your team.

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