Save Energy This Winter

Winter! It’s just cold. Setting the thermostat high is an easy temptation to give into, but it will cost you substantially. Even an additional few degrees increase on cold days can raise your bill by as much as half.

A good rule of thumb for winter is to set your thermostat at 68 degrees while you are home and 55 degrees if you are going to be gone more than 4 hours. You can get an automatic timed thermostat to do this for you if you work regular hours and want to save on your heating bill.

Other things you can do to save heating energy costs during the cold winter months:

  • Close off rooms that don’t need heat if you have automatic thermostat controls.
  • Turn down the heater when using the fireplace.
  • Close the damper on the fireplace when not using it.
  • Keep your furnace clean, lubricated and adjusted properly.
  • Replace your filter on your furnace regularly. Each unit is different, but every few months is typical.
  • Use passive solar heat when it warms up and the sun comes out. Open drapes and curtains on any windows that face south to let sunshine in and heat with it.
  • Don’t rely on your house to provide all the heat. Wear layers and heavier clothing when possible.

Hermit Crap Saves Energy

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