Why do we waste so much energy?

Why do we all waste so much energy when there’s so many simple things we could do to save it?

Our blog is full of ideas on how to save energy, but I wanted to bring up just one more:


Are you using an LCD monitor? I bet you are. If you’re not, you likely are using a fairly modern CRT monitor.

Did you know that modern monitors rarely have a problem with image burn-in? Considering that burn-in is the reason screensavers came into use in the first place, why are we still using them? In the case of LCD monitors, using a screensaver can actually lower the life expectancy of your monitor, rather than extending it! So you would be wasting money in more ways than one.

Instead of using a “screensaver”, the best thing to do is to just set your power management settings to turn off your monitor after a few minutes of inactivity. Not only would you be saving energy, but you would also be extending the life of your LCD!

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