Developing an Action Plan for Energy Conservation

Within the industrial environment, taking a systematic approach to your energy saving opportunities will net impressive results. Follow these six steps to develop an energy savings action plan for your plant or corporation:

1. Track your energy bills
2. Evaluate equipment operating practices and identify pieces of equipment that represent the big users of energy
3. Identify no- or low-cost projects to save energy
4. Get management support
5. Form an energy team at your plant
6. Develop an ongoing strategy for continuous improvement

Above from the U.S. Dept. of Energy at

In addition to the 6 steps above, communicating a sense of energy awareness and team spirit is critical to any successful energy conservation action plan. Everyone’s cooperation, including management and employees, is essential to making a difference, from sharing ideas to getting tasks done. By visiting, you will find unique, attention-getting posters, decals and other products that will kick off your energy conservation campaign and motivate people to action, such as:

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