A New Year means new resolutions to save energy

As we start 2009, we’re faced with many challenges. Rising fuel prices, rising electricity prices, rising pollution levels, falling economy, looming depression. It’s a sad note for many of us, but it doesn’t have to be all bad news. In harsh economic conditions, there are things we can do to cut costs, make the most of what we have and encourage those around us to save energy.

Here are a list of resolutions you should be making to cut energy waste from your facility in 2009.

  • Resolve to build an awareness campaign that everyone can be involved in. So much energy is wasted in companies because employees simply don’t consider all the energy being lost around them. They leave lights on, equipment running, computers buzzing away in the background. If you spend a bit of money informing them and reminding them, they’ll be more likely to take your energy conservation goals seriously.
  • Resolve to use alternative energy when possible. With so many renewable technologies on the rise, the cost of these sources has continued to fall. As of now, you can do a solar installation for about 1/4 of the cost of the same installation 5 years ago. Even an offset installation of only a few panels can save the cost of the panels in a few short years. But don’t stop at solar. Many areas now feature wind farms, hydroelectric, nuclear and other energy options. The benefit to the environment is staggering, and the benefit to your bottom line will be obvious.
  • Resolve to reward those who champion your energy saving methods. While your whole team may have a vested interest in saving the company’s energy, you’ll always have those few who rise above the rest, turning off lights and equipment, watching over wasted energy and stopping leaks. Reward and recognize these individuals for their contributions and others will follow suit.
  • Resolve to track changes in energy consumption and fine tune your operations for efficiency. As you see certain departments finding new ways to save energy, you can focus on the areas that still need work. If you follow this procedure, your energy bills will drop dramatically throughout the year.

If you can do these things, you will save energy, and thus save money. It’s 2009. Today is the first day of the year, and the first day of your recovery from energy addiction.

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