Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Items

There can be a few items or hundreds of coordinated items in an awareness program. You can tailor each campaign to meet your particular needs. Whether your goal is to reduce energy costs, conserve resources, improve safety, or any other environmental issue, we can give you an action plan!

A well planned program pays dividends beyond the investment in materials. It pays in lower energy costs, gives a company a huge boost in Going Green and it is great for the environment.

Turning off lights and equipment when not in use becomes second nature when an energy program is in process. Continuity of message and graphics is the glue that binds a program together. Communication is improved and your campaign becomes productive.

Within this section are a few programs to illustrate this point. We will add more every month. Our creative group has the experience and talent to help you develop a plan with specific and measureable goals.

Matching posters & magnets!
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