Home Energy Conservation Tips

tip #1 – Choose Your Colors Wisely
The colors in your House can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Paint the walls of your home a light color. Dark colors tend to absorb light, requiring you to use more energy from light bulbs to achieve the same effect.Not only to light colors on your walls help conserve energy in your home, they also make your rooms feel brighter and more cheerful!

tip #2 — Who Wants to Do the Dishes?
An Energy Efficient Dish Washer

A dishwasher that is 90% full uses 4 units of electricity. If it is only 50% full, it still uses 3 units of electricity. Fill the dishwasher to save on your electric bill.

tip #3 — Insulate
Give Your Water Heater a Blankie

Buy a water heater blanket and keep your water heater insulated. You’ll save $40 per year. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm all over?

#4 — Lighten Up!
Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Replacing a single incandescent bulb with an energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb (one of those “squiggly bulbs”) can save up to $50 over the bulb’s lifetime.Now THAT’S a bright idea!

tip #5 — Money Out the Window?
Energy Efficient Windows

Up to 16% of your heat can escape through unprotected windows. Close your drapes at night or install insulating shutters to retain heat. If you have a large expanse of glass that doesn’t receive direct sun, keep the drapes closed as much as possible.

tip #6 — Turn the “Off” OFF
Get a Smart Power Strip

75% of electricity used by home electronics is consumed while “off”. By using a power strip and switching off when not in use, you lessen CO2 emissions and reduce your energy bill.

tip #7 — Get a Load of This!
What Kind of Washing Machine is More Energy Efficient?

When choosing your next washing machine, pick one with a front-loader. Front-loader models use 25% less energy than a standard model.Also, simply switching from a hot/warm cycle to a warm/cold cycle when washing laundry can save you 10 cents a load. That adds up when you think about how many loads of laundry you do a year!Don’t forget to look for the Energy Star before making those big purchases!

tip #8 — Ditch the Dirty Filters
Heat and Air Conditioning Filters

Check your furnace and AC filters regularly. Cleaning or replacing filters once a month during periods of high use will insure proper air flow, promote better health, increase efficiency, and save money too.If you are concerned about air quality, consider a dust collector or air filtration system.

tip #9 — Air Your Laundry
Even a Retractable Clothes Line WIll Do Ya!

During spring and summer months, line dry your clothes instead of using a clothes dryer. This can save you as much as $75 a year.

tip #10 — Get with the Program
Energy Efficient Thermostats Save You Money

Why pay for heat or AC you don’t need? You can save energy and money by using a programable thermostat. It can reduce your energy needs from heat or AC when you are at work, away at vacation, or asleep.

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