AwarenessIDEAS joins the MBP3 partnership

We’ve been working with companies around Michigan (and the world) to save energy, reduce emissions, recycle and minimize waste for the last 30 years. Recently, we became a partner of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to further reach organizations who are ready to take environmental change and conservation seriously.

To see the what MDEQ is all about, I encouage you to see their website:

I also encourage you to sign up for the “Environmental Tidbits” newsletter. This newsletter comes out every few weeks with new developments in Michigan pertaining to the environment. To sign up, contact the program’s coordinator, Jeff Spencer.

Jeff Spencer
MBP3 Program Coordinator
Environmental Science & Services
P.O. Box 30457
Lansing, MI 48909-7957

517-241-7966 (fax)

Are there organizations like MBP3 that you belong to that encourage conservation and awareness? We like to align ourselves with these organizations. Please let me know if you belong to or run any such organizations. Our partnership will be beneficial for everyone involved.

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