Clean Up Your Work Environment!

Clean Up Your Work Environment with these 10 tips…

  • Shutdown: When leaving the office for lunch or a meeting, switch off the computer completely.

  • Switch Off: Switch off the lights whenever a room is empty.

  • Unplug: Unplug mobile phone chargers, one of the worst culprits for putting a drain on energy.

  • Open up: Open up the blinds to emit natural light and use the window to provide natural ventilation.

  • Take A New Route: Leave the car at home one day a week and opt for public transport, car pooling, walking or cycling. This would cut rush hour traffic by 20% each day.

  • Print-Wise: Print on both sides and print conservatively.

  • Bin The Bins: Reuse and recycle, as in total UK businesses waste more than 4.6m tonnes of paper each year, which laid end-to-end would stretch 360,000km – almost the whole way to the moon.

  • Turn Down the Heat: Turn the heat down by 1ÂșC and your office can cut heating bill by 10%.

  • Champion the Cause: Each week allocate someone in the office to manage office sustainability; essentially ensuring that lights are switched off and that all the equipment is properly shut down at the end of each working day. This will develop a sense of responsibility within the office workers and make energy conservation part of an everyday routine.

  • Set A Target: Outline a plan to help cut office CO2 emissions. Once a target is achieved, continue to monitor CO2 levels so that sustainability can be successfully maintained.

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