Have a program for Stopping Compressed Air & Steam Leaks

In some plants air and steam leaks go on forever. In other plants these leaks have a life span in days.

The difference is that plants with a working quality process have a system for looking for leaks, tagging them and having maintenance correct them pronto. The process looks something like this.

First, employees are made aware of how costly leaks are and how directly profits are effected. Second, employees are made responsible for and given credit for finding leaks. Third, employees are taught how to look for and find leaks. Fourth, there are numerous leak tag information boards located in strategic areas of the plant that become home for leak information, location where leak identification tags are kept and when used returned to for maintenance pickup.

By having a practical process and easy accesability to information and tags, employees are given the tools to make long term leaks…. history.

AwarenessIDEAS creates custom leak tag information boards so that each plant facility customer can create the exact process that will work for them.

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