K-12 schools have many energy conservation related Fund Raising opportunities

K-12 schools have found a good resource for easy to implement, inexpensive ways to use Fund Raising to both create further energy conservation awareness and to raise money for school conservation projects.

We at AwarenessIDEAS.com have created many products that are easy for kids to sell, have a good profit markup and offer opportunities for kids to, learn more about and take action to stop, energy waste.

Energy related themes on low cost light switch decals, pens, pencils, magnets, and hundreds of other products make easy to sell products within their neighborhood. Our customizable carnival toss games at school events are a hit with kids and create environmental conversations with participating family members.

Most of all, the team at AwarenessIDEAS.com is always available for answering questions from school teachers and parents on unique ideas for Fund Raising activities.

If you have new ideas for Fund Raising activities, please share them with our audience. When asked, we’ll help implement the ideas for any interested school.

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