Want something more than just a lightswitch decal?

If you’re looking for more than just a lights witch decal to remind your employees and coworkers of your energy conservation policies, consider our screen printed energy conservation switchplates, made from recycled plastic products. Not only will these switchplates remind you to save energy, you’ll be doing so on material that is saved from ending up in landfills. These can be screen printed with our stock “Save Energy” message and logo or can be customized with your own energy awareness message and your company or project logo.

Why should you use a recycled plastic energy switchplate in place of using just a decal?

Help protect the environment.
Plastic products are not biodegradable or photodegradable when disposed in landfills.Our recycled plastic products use plastic directly from the waste stream to produce great looking products designed to have a long service life.

Help reduce our dependency on foreign oil.
Every plastic item in the world contains petroleum in one form or another. Now and in the future, we all can help by recycling and using recycled products in our everyday lives.

Help generate jobs.
A few years ago, there was little call for recycling of any kind. As demand grows for the whole recycling process, jobs will be produced. Collectors, separators, processors, and more types of jobs will become available as recycling is required by states and communities.


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