Use Human Energy, Save Gas!

Do you live close to work? To the grocery store? To places you need to go often? Looking for a way to add some physical activity to your sedated lifestyle? The average human being should walk approximately 10,000 steps a day to be considered active. How many have you walked today?

Our Energy Conservation Pedometers make using human energy a great alternative to driving. A pedometer counts your steps as you walk. This is done by a pendulum inside that calculates when you are take a stride. Clip to your pocket, shoe or sock in the morning and it will count the steps you take throughout the day. If you sit or rest, the pedometer turns itself off to save it’s battery, but retains your count until you reset it manually.

Leave the car behind and walk when you can. Not only will it increase your lifespan and help promote heart health, it will save on carbon emissions, gasoline costs and miles on your car as well.

We carry many different styles of pedometers, but my personal favorite is the EH038-01 Pedometer. This is available in six colors (black, blue, green, orange, purple and red) and can have your company or event logo or a custom message added. These make great gifts for anyone who walks often, jobs or who just is curious how many steps they take each day. Call us today for more information and remember, use Human Energy!

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