Press Release: Energy Month can initiate good habits all year long

Energy Month can initiate good habits all year long

TROY, Mich. – “Although Energy Month is nearly over, area business owners can still use it as a start to improve energy conservation practices all year long. They don’t have to spend a great deal of money or effort to help employees learn about energy conservation.” states Marvin Weisenthal of; a Michigan company that specializes in motivational and educational materials geared towards the environment.

“Stopping energy waste requires a commitment and a plan to keep your company aware and involved 365 days a year”. His staff helps business leaders as well as school and hospital administrators to provide energy-efficient environments for Energy Month, which is the brainchild of the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Weisenthal insists the month is an opportunity for business, health and school leaders to remind employees about changing habits on a permanent basis with benefits that carry on well past energy month. Members of an educated workforce will take new energy-saving habits home with them and will inspire and educate others in their communities, thereby changing the world one step at a time. His clients include companies and institutions throughout the country which want to give their workplaces an eco-friendly environment, educate their employees about the benefits of green practices and save energy dollars in the process.

Some customers want different items depending on the situation in their region of the country or the time of year. provides those clients with posters, decals, handouts and other products geared toward energy and water conservation, recycling, environmental issues and EnergyStar® branded items.

“There are real people here who are willing to talk, brainstorm and come up with a specialized program for each business and every budget. We are also customizing products all the time.” Weisenthal continues; “Clients who have used our products have seen changes in the actions of their employees, students and peers. Some employees are inspired to share their own ideas, which helps them to feel important and respected in their workplace.”

For more information, contact Marvin Weisenthal at, see the website or call (800) 875-1275.

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