Hybrid cars? why not a modern Diesel?

Hiya. this is Erik from awarenessideas.com. working here at awarenessideas, we talk a lot about environmental issues and things of that sort. I just felt led to post a blog about one of the things I’ve had on my mind for a while.

it seems that everytime I turn around, someone’s talking about saving on fuel. makes perfect sense, of course. fossil fuel prices are sky high right now. what I notice expecially, though, is that everyone immediately talks about hybrids. I’ve got to ask: why?

the Hybrid seems like a good idea on the surface. electric motor that takes over for the gas engine when possible, saves on gasoline. makes sense. except that the electric motor is only really used effectively in the city, while the majority of us Americans spend far more time on the expressway! hybrid owners are barely making use of the electric motor!

why not look into a contemporary diesel instead? I’m not talking about a huge behemoth of a truck or van (unless, of course you use one for your business, then of course that would be viable), I’m speaking mainly of midsize and compact cars. at the moment there aren’t very many available new in the US, in part because the .gov recently changed the formulation of diesel to make it cleaner, and the auto companies had to compensate, but there are lots of TDI Golfs, Jettas, Passats, Jeep Libertys and the like available. and more new cars soon. when most Americans think of Diesels, I think the think of Semis, hulking pickups, and horrible smoking, vibrating 80’s Buicks. the fact of the matter is, that’s the past. todays Diesels are in some cases, cleaner than their gasoline-burning counterparts! they get great fuel economy both on the highway and in the city, compared to hybrids that are basically normal cars on the freeway, and modern, direct-injected, turbo-charged diesels(of which nearly all modern diesel cars are) often times have better performance than their gasoline powered brethren! great torque off the line, which is great in city driving! the only downside is availability of fuel, which is not nearly as much a problem as it used to be. take a look around, and you’ll see lots of stations carrying diesel now.

now, I don’t have a stake in the auto industry. all I’m asking is that people look into these vehicles. there’s a very good reason why fully half of all cars sold in Europe and the UK are diesels. keep in mind that most Europeans drive the same way that we do, compared to the constant stop-and-go driving that the Japanese do. if you live in New York City, then a Hybrid may very well be your best bet for conserving fuel. but if you live pretty much anywhere else in the states, I’d strongly recommend looking at a Diesel for your next vehicle. better fuel economy both city and highway, better performance in many cases, and less volatile pricing( ever notice that diesel prices don’t jump around as much?). and, of course, if more Americans consider them, the automakers will bring over more Diesel models from Europe. more automotive choices, too!

what’s not to like?

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