Energy Month is coming to an end, and what we do about it is ahead of us.

There has been a lot of news and PR on this years energy month activities. Everyone has been again alerted to the fact that we have an energy shortage, short term and long term, and that their participation in stopping energy waste is needed.

OK, now what?

We at AwarenessIDEAS believe that the solution to any problem is communication. No problem gets solved without communication amongst the interested parties. I’m a part, you’re a part, everyone in our world is affected and a party to our world’s energy problems and possible solutions. And believe me, these solutions will come from people just like you and I.

We have been creating products for delivering environmental communications for 35 years. We have and continue to make a difference. We want to help you make a difference. The more you know about us the more you’ll see how one person, one team, one community can make a big difference with a lot of people.

We are working at making a place for serious people to come to share problems and solutions and to make this a forum for answers leading to actions that will make a difference in our businesses, organizations, communities and our world. We are activists who want to turn words into actions. We are uniquely able to play a part in giving others a vehicle to use the right message in the right way in front of the right audience who can make a difference. We are already a vehicle that industry, schools, hospitals, organizations, retailers, businesses of all kinds use for information and ideas. Your input can make a difference to them, and our combined ideas can benefit all of our communities.

Tell this audience what you want to do, what you’re going to do, and open yourself up to all the help that is available to you in this audience. Tell your friends and peers about what we’re up to and help us expand this effort. The more people involved the more we’ll all get done. Also see our forums on this web site and become part of them. We’re open to your ideas and needs.

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