Blogging For Energy Champion Partners

This blog is one way we want to connect with people who want to help reduce energy waste in their community or business environment.

This blog is for people who want to leverage their knowledge by sharing there ideas with others. All problems need awareness and communications to occur to reach any kind of a good solution. We’re inviting people to create that awareness and to help develop communications. We hope people will not just provide philosophy, but practical ideas that can be easily implemented by those in need.

We also are starting a series of forums on this web site. Our forums invite people to share their environmental problems, questions or goals with others, and to get solutions from other participants who have been there, done that. We have learned over many years of participating in energy conservation consulting relationships that though the goal of reducing energy waste is global, the solutions are mostly local. We are already a catalyst for many people who need a sounding board and partner in brain-storming solutions to environmental problems. We want to create a bigger network of problem solvers and activists where together we all can create a bigger impact.

We hope you will visit and participate in both our blogs and forums often. Start with sharing your specific problems, let’s see if we can’t develop some good solutions.

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