Adopt a Machine for big energy savings

With all of the buzz about energy conservation today, I often wonder why we ignore the constant buzz of idle machines running all around us. Take a look around you right now. How many machines are left on? Your coffee maker? Your television? A printer? A fax machine? An extra light?

All of these buzzing beasts are slowly burning your energy away, adding up to big energy waste. That’s why we suggest that everyone Adopt A Machine. Adopting a machine is as easy as making a commitment to shutting it off when not being used every day.

If you work at a workstation or a cubicle, you most probably have several machines around you. How many do you turn off at night? If you don’t turn them all off, ask yourself if they must stay on. If not, turn them off. That’s 16 hours/day, every day, that those machines can stay off. That should cut your energy bill no those items by 66%!

If you work in an industrial facility, you’re surrounded by even higher energy using machines. Does that press need to stay running? How about that pump? That motor? Turn these items off when not in use and save big bucks on your electric bill.

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