Have a bi-lingual operation? Speak the language of energy conservation.

In our increasingly versatile workplaces, we’re finding people of all backgrounds coming together to work in harmony. The barriers of language and class and heritage are blurring, and occasional hiccups in the chain of information can be easily avoided with bi-lingual posters, decals and signs. A good example of these energy conservation decals is our ED202-06 combination pack. These decals are printed in both English and Spanish, but can be done in most any written language combination. These four decals cover energy conservation with light bulbs, doors and batteries. By providing a decal in both languages, we are ensuring that your employees understand the message in their native language and that your message of energy conservation is understood.


In addition to these decals, we can produce any of our posters in multiple languages. Contact us today for a free brainstorming meeting to discuss your bi-lingual communication needs.

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