Weekly Energy Checklists help keep processes in check

Whether you’ve got high energy machines in your facility or an office full of computers and lighting, you’re going to have energy waste if left unchecked. This waste can manifest itself in the form of an unnecessarily high electric bill and shorter lifespan for your equipment. Who’s in charge of turning these items off? Who is held accountable for these procedures?

This is where our “Check It Out” ECH101 Write-On/Wipe Off Energy Charts come in very handy. This chart allows you to list the 14 main energy consuming processes in your facility and check them off every day as they are turned off. A person then signs out that they turned those processes off. Progress is easily noted and tracked and employees are held accountable. If you would like these charts customized further or available with more lines for your items, we can custom build them in most any size and most any layout. Call us for details. 800-875-1725


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