The Army Needs You… To Save Energy

With all of the talk in the news about wasteful government and unchecked spending in the military, we’re finding superstars in military bases here and abroad that are putting a stop to energy waste. We’ve worked with Army Bases and their outposts to produce a series of decals which promote good energy practices throughout their bases. While these were designed for the Army, any branch of the service including air force, national guard, marines and navy could order a similar theme that is branded for their branch.

The ED224-02 decal features on large 9 1/2″ circle decal which is perfect for military energy installations, power houses and construction yards. Putting this decal on a door or gate puts your message of energy conservation in front of every soldier and civilian that enters that facility.

The same sheet contains 24 of our 12″ circles which can be placed on computers, machines, light switches or any where else that gives an opportunity for energy conservation.

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