Stopping energy waste starts by having the right mission

Thirty years ago we were asked to create an energy conservation employee awareness program for one of the Big Three automakers. We first asked ourselves: “what is the basic mission we would promote that would bring about a end result that everyone could achieve when participating in our ongoing energy reduction process”. What we established was a basic mission that everyone in any organization could allign themseves with and accomplish. That mission was and is, Just enough is enough energy (R).

From that time thirty years ago, this has been our goal for every project we take on. We want to help our clients get their work done, get their products produced, get their organiztional goals met, using just the amount of energies required to do the job and no more.

All the messages we create, graphic designs we produce, maketing promotion ideas we provide, products we sell, all have that goal. We use the art of visual communications and promotion to encourage people to look at their responsibilities and find ways to meet their objectives using just enough energy.

Our goal for this Blog is for you to share your successes of what your doing, ask us and this audience questions and be part of the ongoing quest of using “just enough is enough energy (R)”

Marvin Weisenthal, President

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