New energy information links available

We have a series of new energy conservation informational links available. These are free for any of our customers who wish to use them.

Energy Checklist for your facility – A list of energy conservation tasks which can be assigned to your employees. This chart will give you a basic checklist for delegating tasks throughout your company to individual employees and receiving feedback on when these energy consuming machines and utilities are turned on and off.

Action Plan for Stopping Energy Waste in your Community – A specialized version of our Energy Action Plan aimed specifically at communities. These tips help city councils, civic groups and volunteers organize to save energy in their towns.

Action Plan for Stopping Energy Waste in Hotels – A guide to an energy savings plan for Hotels, Motels and resorts.

Action Plan for Stopping Energy Waste in Hospitals – Another variation on our energy action plan, this time aimed at hospitals, medical centers and clinics.

Energy Cost Analysis – A chart for monitoring the energy usage in your facility from various energy consumers including lightbulbs, heating, cooling, technology and more. There are several open spaces to put specific machines or processes if you desire.

Improving Your Carbon Footprint – A description of carbon footprints and ways we, as individuals, can minimize our impact on the environment:

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