Tips for energy savings in the heat

With record temperatures raging across the country this week we have decided to place some tips to keep your electric bill down.
Keep thermostats set at no lower than 76-78, increase cooling by using a ceiling fan or place a fan on the air registers.
Keep shades down and drapes drawn, doing so will help insulate you home.
Make sure your air conditioners are clean, a dirty grill or filter on a unit will make the system work harder and use more energy.
Close off rooms that are not in use, make sure doors are closed and the registers are closed off in the room.
Unplug unused appliances, especially those with remote controls. Appliances that have remote controls use power even when off.
Make sure you have the most efficient air conditioner you can. When purchasing a unit make sure to check the EER or the Energy Effectiveness Ratio. This ratio is the number of Btu’s that 1 watt of electrical energy will remove from the air in one hour. Try to get a unit with a rating of 10 or higher.
If you have a programmable thermostat, do not increase the temperature to much during the day. The amount of energy used to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level is often more than that used to keep the temperature steady.

You can find more tips on Also, you can get thermometer there to place in all your rooms to adjust your air conditioner for maximum efficiency.

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