Energy Savings Are Getting Hot!!

As the temperature rises across the country the cost of energy and air conditioning suddenly becomes very clear to everyone. In looking at my last bill I decided, after I woke up from the shock, to start looking around the house for ways to reduce my bill and still keep the place cool. The first thing to do was go outside (I know what your saying why go outside if you are trying to stay cool). But, outside is where the Air Conditioner unit lives. I performed a through cleaning of the unit and the area and checked the insulation on the hoses to make sure the unit was operating at its best. Next I turned the thermostat up a couple of degrees. I hear you again saying why would you do that if you are trying to stay cool. Well, because I also put a fan on top of my vent. This circulated the air better and kept things cooler while saving energy. You can find other ideas on saving during the heat at

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