10 Ways to Save Energy this coming Energy Month

As you know, October is Energy Awareness Month. It’s time now to prepare your energy conservation campaign. Here’s 10 easy ways to save energy in your facility:

1. Use our low-cost, high impact posters to promote awareness within your company. At only $6.75 each and always in stock, these posters make a wonderful edition to any energy saving campaign.

2. Use our energy decals to cover your lightswitches as a reminder to shut it off when not in use. Use our door decals as reminders to keep doors closed to save energy. We have decals for every need.

3. Hand out energy conservation gifts, incentives and handouts to your employees, customers and co-workers as a reminder to save energy. We create awareness wtih positive messages through pens, notepads, mousepads, magnets, mugs, keychains and other materials.

4. Utilize our energy booklets to promote awareness and reduction. Let us personalize the books with info specific to your needs.

5. Use our energy charts to improve processes, track energy savings, delegate tasks and improve processes. Any one of our charts can save hundreds each month in lost time and energy costs.

6. Stop those leaks! Energy leaks from steam and compressed air systems quickly drain both your resources and your money. A complete leak tag system can be had with banners, posters, leak tag boards and identification tags.

7. Signs can take your energy savings and conservation messages a step forward. Along with an effective poster campaign, signs of any size can be made to grab attention and produce results.

8. Along with our signs and posters, an energy banner will inform and persuade in all the right ways. In sizes from 3′ x 2 to 10′ x 3, positive energy saving messages are conveyed easily in banners.

9. Use an Energy Display in your lobby, production floor or boardroom to relay messages, promote energy savings and get your messages across.

10. Call us so that we can help you design an energy saving plan today.

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